You are here because you want to find ways build financial security and stability.  You desire to know of the lessons you might learn here. You will learn how to cut your expenses while maintaining a contented life. You will find a way to build financial security and stability. You will not get rich quickly. You will not get rich slowly simply by saving from a modest salary. You will learn how a modest salary can be managed to create financial security and investments for your retirement.

You will learn how to put money aside each week for investment. As your savings grow you will have money to pay for life’s little emergencies such as a car breakdown. As your investments grow you will have the comfort of knowing you have reserves to see you through life’s big emergencies such as sickness and unemployment. You will build reserves for retirement.

Why did I start this website?

A young man asked me for advice because he was on a modest salary and was saving nothing. I walked him through the process of evaluating his life to find savings. Several months later he made his first investment. He will save more and make more investments. His investments will pay income which will also be invested. His investments will grow, and keep growing. His financial future is changing, significantly.

There were no magic tricks to saving money. I explained a process to this man. A process he worked through. Firstly to identify what is important to him and then to identify the financial impacts of his life choices. I explained the process of quantifying his expenses and showed him how to prepare a budget. I gave him techniques of thinking to evaluate the merits of each of his expenses. I showed him how to save money. I was the teacher setting homework for the student. This worked out very well for him because he did his homework, and he did it diligently.

All that was needed was a process of evaluating the financial impacts of what is important to his quality of life, a pen, paper, his mind and his efforts. He had to do a lot of deep thinking about his life and then work on it. You will need to do the same.You will learn better savings habits. You will learn how to prioritise your spending. You will learn techniques to analyse your motivations for spending. You will learn how to cut wasteful expenditures. You will develop better spending habits. You will not cut all of the fun out of your budget.

If you are looking for a magic pill, you have come to wrong place. There is no magic pill. You will be required to learn and take action. Tips and tricks don’t get you to your destination. Only a complete overhaul of your spending habits will do.

Who am I

I qualified as a CPA accountant 20 years ago. That does not matter. I slashed my own expenses and then showed somebody else how to do the same. That doesn’t matter either. What does matter is the amount you save. Look around and you will find ideas generated by practical experience with some references to philosophers, psychology and even neuroscience.

I think I am supposed to post a picture of me, so you can look at my receding hairline. I might do that one day.

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