Budget tips

Easy tips to save money

Here are some easy ways to save money with trivial effort.

I am convinced, beyond all doubt, that to really save money changes in behaviour are necessary. However some early success can be a great motivator to put in more effort. And motivation is needed to make behavioural and lifestyle changes. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Turn off the light when leaving a room

You don’t need it any more so turn it off. If you leave the house turn off all the lights, appliances and anything else you don’t actually need running.

Run appliances when the electricity is charged at off peak rates

Can you run the dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer in off peak hours? The tariff difference between peak and off peak can be quite large. The off peak times may be disclosed on your electricity bill. Otherwise you can telephone your supplier.

Compare prices

If you want baked beans compare the prices of all brands on the store shelf. Compare the unit prices. Learn which stores in your neighbourhood are the best value for money.

Buy non-perishables in bulk

If you get soap at a much lower than usual price, buy plenty. Soap lasts for months. However just because a store marks something as “on special” doesn’t mean it is cheaper than usual.

Adjust the thermostat

Would you still be comfortable in winter if you turned the thermostat down a notch? It will save on energy costs.

Pause before buying anything

Always take a moment to ask whether you actually need or want whatever you are buying. An effortless way to cut down on impulse buys.

Do you have some more really easy tips?

2 thoughts on “Easy tips to save money

  1. There are items that still use power when turned off. That includes microwaves, computers, phone chargers, TV sets and anything with a clock in it. I forget the reasons, something to do with stand-by mode. The people you mention are saving money.


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