Want to blog? Just get started.

This is how I started my blog. You could do the same without spending any money, just some time. You can upgrade later.

I was thinking that I would like a sideline to generate some extra income. I didn’t know what I could do to create a little part time business. I didn’t come up with an idea, but others did.

A stranger on the Internet suggested I could try my hand at writing as he thought a post I had made on a forum was well written. He persuaded me to think about trying my hand at writing. However, the problems to be solved were what to write and for whom.

A man asked me for some budgeting advice so he was not saving any money. That went so well for him that his savings on a salary of $600 a week promptly increased from nil to $60 a week. I could give useful advice about personal budgeting.

I now had an idea for a business. Any business has three common elements:

  • have something to sell (I had budget advice)
  • find customers (I can find some on the Internet)
  • find a way to sell at a profit (an e-book seemed a good idea)

I knew nothing of blogging, very little about social media and have never written an article or a book. I started out without a clue as to how I might operate a blog. I didn’t know what to do and therefore had no idea if I could succeed at blogging.

It is very easy to spend a lot of money on blog hosting, analytics, artwork and all manner of blog related services. I wasn’t going to risk a lot of money on this venture when I had no clear idea how it might work out. I decided to spend nothing until I do have a clear plan. First I must learn the essentials of blogging.

I started by breaking the difficulties into parts and dealing them one at a time. Firstly I needed blog articles so I wrote them. It was hard work writing the first articles however writing articles gets easier the more you write.

Next I needed a blog. I set up a free WordPress blog and learnt how to post the articles into the blog. I now had a blog. Next I started learning how to format the blog and make it look satisfactory in appearance. I still have a good deal more to learn about making my blog look visually appealing.

I needed people to visit my blog. My website had 11 visits in the first four four months, some apparently from the WordPress Help Person in response to a query I had. Most came from Twitter. Search Engine Optimisation seems effectively impossible with my free blog.

I was not being found by search engines so I set up a Twitter account to get traffic. I acquired the grand total of 22 followers in the first four months.

And then I noticed somebody called Marc Guberti had followed me. I had a look at his blog and read his article on gaining Twitter followers. Within weeks, my followers had increased from 22 to 615. This encouraged me. It was time to ramp up my efforts. Thus motivated I published some more articles. My Twitter followers have since increased to 3,600 and the number of blog visitors to 103 in total.

I then spent several months focusing my efforts on writing my book “How to save”. The book is now finished and ready in PDF format. I am now researching how to sell this book from my website.

My twitter following will continue growing and my website visitors will continue growing. Things are looking good.

I still have a good deal more to do. I need to learn how to obtain email addresses and embed pictures and much more.  The learning will continue and I think this blog will succeed.

If you are thinking of starting a blog why not just get started? There is nothing to lose.


I invite your comments on how you started out with blogging. If you are also starting out then please share you story.

4 thoughts on “Want to blog? Just get started.

  1. I started blogging a month ago tomorrow and I enjoy it. Thanks for the helpful tips. I was told to create a Twitter account from a friend and its helping slowly. Still trying to figure out the whole search engine optimization thing. a tricky one. Good post


  2. I found some interesting articles that helped me to get started, and some more I am still studying for my next steps. I am still very much a beginner at this blogging thing. I hope other beginners may respond to this and give a few tips.

    I started up my Twitter account with no idea what I was doing. Later on I started doing things like putting my website link on my Twitter profile and attaching links and pictures in my tweets.

    I read this article, from the Marc Guberti blog, some months ago. It was very useful for gaining twitter followers as I have increased my following from 22 to 3800 in the few months since I read it.

    I also think this article, also from the Marc Guberti blog, will prove very useful to me as a good overview of gaining trafic

    This article, from Umair Qureshi blog, gives some interesting observations on Tweeting strategy:

    An interesting article on keyword research for SEO:

    Later, I will be uploading my free WordPress to a hosted site. This is an excellent article on blog hosting and I might use the service offered in this article.

    This article on moving my free WordPress to a blog host looks interesting.


    Before I upload to a host I need to do a bit more research into SEO and domain names. I am a bit concerned that I may somehow set up my hosting a way that is very unfriendly to SEO. (And yeah, I don’t know what I am talking about (yet) when it comes to the interrelationship between hosting and SEO hence my caution).

    PS I have no association with any of the blogs mentioned in this comment.


  3. You know most blogs say they want traffic, but there is not secret pill for traffic. The content you have the more traffic you get.

    I learned to stop crying over low traffic and start writing more.


  4. Thanks for the input Michael.
    I have given your comment a lot of thought. I shall set a target of posting a new article at least once a week, or preferably more.
    I only recently started paying much attention to other blogs. (Mostly since Pam started commenting on my blog this past two weeks). I have been changing my writing style which was originally deliberately impersonal. My articles read rather like a business report or a text book, as I had intended.
    I am now breaking my articles up with subject headings. That breaks them into bite sized chunks and the articles don’t look like a “wall of paragraphs”. That idea entered my head when I was reading Pams’ blog which does have the headings.
    I like the way you inject something of the personal into your blog posts which, I must say, makes them more engaging. I need to inject more personality into my articles and maybe redraft the older articles.


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