Budget tips

Entertainment expenses

Socialising can become quite expensive with dinners, movies and shows. Start be considering your reasons for socialising. Is it to take in experiences with friends or simply to have their company and conversation. There is no need for expensive dinners to have company. If you want the expensive dinner then consider whether you want it enough to outlay the required sums. Consider the merits of company without expensive experiences.

Entertainment expenses can mount up very quickly indeed. We may be invited to dinner or drinks and be reluctant to decline or offer an alternative out of fear of the potential reactions. Outright refusal on the grounds of expense might be taken as a rejection. Suggesting a more economical alternative might get a negative response.

Set a weekly budget and stick to it. Ask yourself why you are socialising. Are you going to an expensive restaurant to enjoy the company or for an “experience” or to photograph your meal so you tweet the picture or is it because you dare not refuse for fear of what the other person might think. Examining your own reasons for each expenditure does help greatly to make the decisions are that are best for you. What is important to you? And keep asking yourself “what is important to you” to clarify and prioritise your expenditures.

Look around for more economical alternatives to suggest. These might include:

  • visiting a museum, many do not have an admission fee
  • visiting an art gallery, many do not have an admission fee
  • visit the botanical gardens
  • a walk in the park
  • visit the beach
  • go bush walking
  • go swimming in a river or lake
  • go out for coffee
  • go to a bar for a beer or two
  • entertain at home, tea and cake or biscuits
  • go window shopping, preferably AFTER the shops have closed. It is free to look in the windows
  • attend a public lecture
  • attend a free concert, if any are on

Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Marcus Aurelius

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