Budget tips

Budget tip. Shaving your shaving costs

I took down some prices at my local supermarket to gauge the difference in cost between name brand blades and generic blades.

A good price for a name brand razor holder was $9.50 with 8 refill blades available for $40.00 with the blurb claiming each blade gives 30 shaves. Ignoring the cost of the holder, that works out at $5.00 a month.

A pack of 20 generic razors was available for $4 and these are the blades I use myself. In my experience a generis blade lasts nearly a month. The cost of shaving works out at about 5 to 6 cents a month.

I don’t see a quality difference in the blades or in the shaves I get. That makes sense as a razor is really just a thin sharp sliver of steel. I see no reason to pay extra for a name brand razor if I am to get the same shave at a fraction of the cost.

While I was at it, I also compared cans of shaving foam. The cheapest name brand was $3.40 and the generic was $2.35 and once again I don’t know what difference there is between them. I certainly can’t tell the difference and I see no point paying the extra.

Using ordinary soap is an even cheaper alternative. Just wet your face, lather the soap in your hands and smear it all over the bristles. The shave will be as good as using shave foam and takes only a few moments longer. I no longer waste money on cans of shaving foam.

Try using soap. The only possible downside is wasting two minutes of your life if you don’t like the shave. Plenty of upside for saving money. What are your thoughts?

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